Pandemic Has Taught Me To Appreciate Little Things


The Quarantine has been going on for about 10 months now. Throughout those 10 months, it has really changed a lot of people’s lives.

It has affected many people for the good and bad. Many people have experienced a lot during this time period, and there are a lot of mixed feelings about it. 

For me personally, it really changed my life drastically. I have learned to really enjoy the little things and take advantage of the things and family I have.

I lost a few family members due to COVID-19. I personally also went through it. My sister was the first person in my family to get coronavirus, then it was my mom, and soon all my siblings were sick.

This really affected me because all of it happened so suddenly.

My mom got really sick and I had to take care of her, which obviously I had no problem with, but I was scared because I slowly saw my mom get worse. 

It made it so bad because I’m so family orientated. I love being with my siblings and with my nieces and nephews.

Due to us having COVID-19 I had to go three weeks without seeing them and that made all of us super upset.

It also affected us because my dad had got laid off and my sister as well, so paying bills was a bit stressful.

Luckily we came together as a family and got through it.

COVID-19 also made me really appreciate the little things, i like being with my family even if we weren’t doing anything.

It made me realize that the best thing I have around me is the people around me.

I learned a lot of good things, like how much a phone call meant. 

And even if someone is far apart they are close in your heart. 

I always tried to be positive and not let things ruin anything.

What kept me going was the thought that soon we’d all be able to be together again. 

I know it was really different and hard for others and everyone copes differently.

I know a few family members that lost their family because of COVID-19.

Luckily all my parents and siblings recovered, but we still had family members who passed.  

Since then I learned that I’m really lucky because I still have both my parents and my siblings.

I know this affects everyone in so many different ways, and has impacted so many people in so many different ways. 

It was definitely an experience for everyone.

Not everyone has gone through the same thing, I know some have been through a lot more than others. 

COVID-19 left a lot of people with nothing at all, some recovered, some didn’t even get impacted.