Sunrise Mountain Senior Experiences Online Differ Greatly


This school year was very hectic for everyone. Anyone will agree it was a rollercoaster.

This school year has been especially hard on seniors.

Seniors were devastated about not having a senior year. Imagine going through 12 years of school for the best one to be gone in a blink of an eye. 

Most students look forward to all their senior activities and sadly seniors got very little. 

Students are really appreciative of what we do have. This is a chapter of our life that closes after this year. It’s a step into reality.

Apart from our senior year getting taken away, seniors also didn’t get an in-person Prom, or a senior trip.

A lot of students really wanted to attend Prom and they feel upset because it was just taken away.

“Being a senior during the Pandemic was really challenging. I feel like it being on the computer probably would’ve seemed easier but it just made me lose all my motivation,” said senior Audrey Hernandez. “I could easily turn off my computer and put the assignment aside. I feel like in person it was much easier I don’t know overall it was kind of sad you know I wish we still had Prom in her senior trip.

Most people had really good grades during the beginning of the school year, but as time passed they lost motivation. 

Classes have gotten less students attending a day, and a lot of students have given up on school.

Students also would push through to be able to go to these events and since they were cancelled, they didn’t want to do the work anymore. 

“My senior year during the pandemic was very stressful as well as very new, ” said senior Yaneli Quintero. “Online school was something new for everyone. Personally, I’d like to continue online.”

Others find it easier because they don’t feel pressured or as stressed as they used to.

They think online is better, because they don’t have to be only at school and they could balance their school life with their actual life.