Teachers Admit Technological Advantages Have Been Beneficial To Them


A few more days and it’s summer vacation, and in a few months real life school will be starting up again. 

This school year was like none other, but what did the Miner staff miss the most and what have they learned during this crazy year?

What are some valuable things they learned from this year that they will implement into next year’s teaching?

“I will use technology more often to teach, it will be a mix between in person learning and online,” said Spanish teacher Mr. Massip. “We should use technology more broader and we should reach the students that usually are quiet, to help them to participate and understand.”

This year has been all about technology. There were ups and downs at the beginning since it was all new. 

Many teachers in-person learning was to give papers out and show power points to teach the students. Now they have learned new way to teach the students.

Some teachers were new to all the online things. Now that they got comfortable with it, they are able to make the teaching experience more fun for all.

“I’m hoping that next year I’ll be able to get back to the way I used to teach — with in-person discussions and face-to-face instruction,” said English teacher Ms. Holman. “Online learning has taught me to value each day we have together in person because you never know when that could change, but there will definitely be a lot more sanitizing of items in the room.” 

Going from teaching in school to drastically changing and not being able to see students and staff is a big difference.

Once that is stripped away from you, you start to value that in person connection. It becomes more treasurable to people and makes you value every single minute you have with them.

“Technology will be more heavily embedded into daily lessons,” said English teacher Mr. Porter. “I’ve learned that motivated students can overcome immense stress, obstacles, and hardship, in order to achieve their academic goals.” 

In-person and virtual learning is very different. Virtual learning is at home and students just want to be in bed and relax. 

However, when someone is truly passionate and wants to prosper they will overcome anything to get there. 

Which becomes more evident when online learning is put into play. The students procrastinate more but when you see a student do all the work and have good grades besides the odds.

That’s when you notice the difference.

“As a critical staff member of CCSD, I would like to see social distance events and activities planned for all students until we return back to normal life,” said hall monitor Ms. Castro. “For this coming year I will follow all rules and regulations that CCSD has put in place too keep the students and staff safe; this experience has taught me to live life too its fullest and be strong no matter what happens.” 

As a hall monitor, they are part of what makes the miner family come together. They are the ones who keep everyone in the building safe. 

So to them it’s their number one priority to sanitize and put into effect the all the guidelines until things go back to the way they were.

It has also taught many that you can’t live life being scared of the outcome. If you don’t take risks then you won’t see the progress you’re making in life.

To many, the pandemic has taught them that you can’t sit around and see life pass you by. You have to take action and do what you’ve always wanted to do.

“Distance learning has provided an opportunity for me to learn how to use and explore more learning apps and technology for the classroom,” said science teacher Ms. Zhou. “I think this experience has also provided everyone a good chance to look at how we respond and adapt to unforeseen situations, and how we solve or work around problems.” 

Once again, this experience has made staff learn more about technology and become more comfortable with the idea of using technology to make learning more fun.

Like Zhou said, the pandemic was an unforeseen event that went drastically out of control.

It taught many how to work around the problems by using masks, social distancing, and taking better care of themselves and their loved ones. 

No one expected this virus to get out of control, but it has made people grow and mature. The schools, hospitals and many more have learned the value of keeping people safe and treasuring the small moments.

Many dreaded the idea of going to school or to work but now they can’t wait to get back and interact with the people around them.

The pandemic caused a lot of tragedy but it also brought people together while distancing. Everyone has learned something from this peculiar experience and we all need to put that into effect.