Adolescents More Concerned About What They Say To Others


It’s no secret about the events blasted on the news and talked about. We’re all aware of what’s going on, one way or another.

Adults have their opinion which is voiced. They know how certain things affect them. With adolescents, it’s different. Yes, we have our opinions and we understand what’s going on.

What’s hard is, how do you think all that affects our behavior and interaction with each other?

“Students are more wary about what comes out of their mouths now. Although some people will argue that people are just being ‘sensitive,’” junior Dannizza De Leon said.

This is the case; throughout our time in school, we’ve interacted without the knowledge of the outside world.

News did spread into the school about what’s been going on. However, it wasn’t to where everyone knew about it.

It was necessarily small talk. Now, we’re looking at it from a different perspective.

“Well it just changed everyone because everyone is more distant now and everyone isn’t the same as we used to,” junior Cecilia Saba said.

In school, we are free. We can have our own judgements, we can be ourselves, and we don’t have the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Once COVID-19 rolled around, we halted and changed everything. The way we used to be is different from how we are today.

”We’re so used to socialization from how many years we’ve gone to school everyday, and bonding with our peers kind of became a habit that’s been stripped away out of nowhere. It’s a really big change to adapt to,” junior Jenifer Aguila-Solano said.

We’re so timid about what to say, how to respond, and how to act around people. Everyone is looking at it as if we weren’t the same. In school, we didn’t care about the color or your skin.

Literally it’s about who you hang out with, clothes, style, makeup, and other miscellaneous things. Now that we’re opening our eyes to the world, we feel a need to be careful.

You can see the differences on how we interact with each other. This has all been affected due to the craziness of the world.