Turning 18 Remains A Key Date In Teens’ Lives

For decades the 18th birthday has been hailed as the turning point in the life of young adults. The 18th birthday is seen as the end of childhood and a fresh start into adult life.

“I believe 18 birthdays are important because you are seen as an adult,” said senior Estefanie Tinoco. “It makes you think about grow”

“It is a threshold to adulthood legally,” said Spanish teacher Ms. Adler. “You are no longer legally bound by your parents but you are also responsible legally for your actions and cannot be protected by your parents.”

The 18th birthday has been seen as an important milestone ever since 1971 when the voting age and the age to get married without parental consent became 18 years old.

And if you were to ask someone before 1971 when a child became an adult, they would answer 21. It was seen with all the reverence that we treat the 18th birthday which can be crazy for anyone born after 1971.

During the 1960’s many young activists fought for the right to vote at 18 using the slogan, “Old enough to fight, old enough to vote.” This slogan was made in response to the military draft held during the Vietnam War.

Many felt that the fact they couldn’t decide over the fate of their country while being forced to go defend it in a war wasn’t fair. The 26th Amendment would be passed which allowed 18 year olds to vote.

For many though the least important part is why the 18 birthday is important but how they’ll celebrate it. Many go on trips with friends or family while others might just have a normal birthday party.

“I was a freshman in college when I turned 18 so I probably hung out and went to a college party with my friends,” said Alder. “I was a young high school graduate having turned 17 in October in my senior year so I don’t recall it as a huge landmark birthday. “

The 18th birthday is an important day for many due to the way it’s perceived yet the actual event can be a mixed bag for some it’s an extremely memorable moment in their life. And for others it might not be that different.

“When I turned 18 I felt the same,” said Tinoco. “Age doesn’t make me feel like I need to grow up or change, it’s whenever you feel ready mentally.”

Of course for something that seems so important it can be very scary for others. An experience that is amped up so much while only happening one time can be very

“I’m not sure if this is a common feeling but I kind of feel unintimidated of becoming 18,” said freshman Christian Lopez. “I’m only 14, so I still have time but the fact that I only have four more years until I’m an adult is scary.”

At the end of the day 18 years old isn’t that important unless you think of it that way. You can think of the 18th birthday as the first step into the path that is adulthood and it’s not a path you have to walk alone.