2020-21 Challenges Should Make Students Stronger


Shannon Gomez-Diaz, Copy Editor

With this school year coming to its final days, seniors are reminiscing on all the good and bad things their high school years has had to offer.

These past four years may have given you the bad and the ugly or the best and the beautiful, but most can’t deny these years have been their peak and they are ready to be let out into the real world.

There’s a bundle of things as a student you try to remember, but now with becoming an adult and being set free all the advice teachers, friends, and family have given you are all coming back into mind and you’re stuck trying to remember all these given words of wisdom.

Prove those who believe in you right; and those who dismiss you wrong,” expressed Government and College Prep teacher Dr. Long. “Be happy.  Be ethical.  Be more than the world thinks you can. Never give up.”

As a growing student you’ve come across people who try to bring you down and belittle you, but as a person you’ll grow to learn their words mean nothing.

No one is better than the next. As Long states, prove to the world that you are someone bigger and better.

“I’ll take the experience of being so overwhelmed as a lesson for the future,” said senior Eva Ortiz. “Because after such hard times, good things always come.”

This year was 100 percent a huge stressor for the majority of students, and this year has definitely taught students how to work under pressure and how to work when life is prone to throw millions of obstacles your way.

“I think the only thing I will take when I graduate is the importance of time,” said senior Alvaro Guzman. “It has taught me to be on time or there will be consequences.”

It is important to recognize the importance of time management because it is never okay to be late with things whether that be with turning in an assignment late or showing up to work late.

We all know things happen and we can’t always make it on time with things, but it is key to know that time waits for no one. 

“This year was all about changes and sometimes adapting to new things is hard and doesn’t make sense,” stated senior Andrea Enriquez. “But eventually it all comes together and works out for the better. Something I would say to the younger grades is to stay focused in school no matter what else is going on in the world or how hard it can get.”

Life will never stop challenging you and switching things up on you, you’ll always be there having to go through many different changes.

Sometimes people don’t like the idea of change and the idea of adjusting to it, but change is good.

Life after high school is one big change, especially because you’re used to being in school everyday for 18 years of your life and once that is gone, some people are lost on what to do.

Life after high school may seem stressful with becoming an adult and having to worry about housing, cars, work, your career, family and friends, but everyone adjusts to it and everyone goes through this big change.

“I think students should not take things for granted,” said Geography teacher Ms. Smith. “Like hanging out with their friends, attending school events, waiting until the last minute to do something you always wanted  to do, etc., because it can be taken away by events like COVID-19.”  

As mentioned before, becoming an adult comes with a lot of worries and can push you away from your social life and family, but it’s always good to remember that your friends and family are always there for you and you can’t leave them behind.

It’s important to set aside time for yourself and your social life, it’s never good to stay locked away stressing over things that won’t matter the next day: go out and have some fun, you’ve deserved it.

“Having school closed to students has been a challenge on many levels,” said Smith. “Take this as a learning experience and spend time with people who you care about and make long lasting memories. The real world will have it’s obstacles and rewards, take both of them in stride. You are always learning and do not be afraid to ask for help.”

Never take what you have for granted, not everyone has the advantage of free education, food everyday, a job, and a roof over their head, little things like that are what are most important.

Before graduating high school you were taught about all the things life will throw at you and now after graduating it is time to work with those things.

The number one word of wisdom everyone can agree on is that never settle for less, strive for better and work your hardest to meet your goals.

Life is never easy, but it isn’t something impossible to deal with. You must set your mind to your goals and do nothing, but the best to get where you want to be. 

Life will give you the greatest opportunities, will introduce you to great people, and will have you striving. Now it’s time to go off and soar into the real, big world!