Seniors To Get Real Graduation Ceremony On June 4


Exciting news for the graduating seniors as the graduation ceremony will be taking place on June 4th, 2021, at the Thomas & Mack Arena.

Given the roller coaster of a year that everyone has been through, this is news that things will start to look up a bit.

“Because of COVID regulations, this year’s graduation will consist of two ceremonies which allows for social distancing,” said assistant principal Ms. Loewy. “The ceremony will be the traditional ceremony that our minder families and graduates are used to seeing each year.”

Adjustments were made because of the pandemic in order to have our graduation ceremony.

“Students with last names that end in A-L will go to the 8 A.M. ceremony and students with the last name of M-Z will attend the 12 P.M. ceremony,” said Loewy. “Each graduating senior will be given 4 tickets for their family and friends to attend the ceremony.”

Students and staff are excited to be able to have this moment given that it was extremely difficult to make arrangements to accommodate the COVID-19 situation.

“I’m beyond excited,” said senior Sarahid Bayardo. “If I have to be honest, I was thinking this year was gonna be the same as last year because of the pandemic and stuff. Now that it’s official and the days are counting down, I really can’t wait to graduate and actually get to experience that moment.”

“I feel a bit cautious because there’s probably people out there who still aren’t vaccinated.”

Among the excitement there is unease, but the miner staff has done the most in their power to ensure that the ceremony will go according to plan.

“I was really excited to hear that the class of 2021 was going to be able to have a traditional ceremony that we are used to,” said Loewy. “It’s nice to have the big pomp and circumstance that is associated with having graduation at a venue as big as Thomas & Mack.”

Despite being a difficult year, the staff is rooting for our victory lap.

“We are very proud of the graduating students in the class of 2021,” said assistant principal Ms. Ruesch. “It was a difficult year for many, and we are excited for those students that were able to persevere and graduate!”

“I am happy that our senior class gets to have a ceremony that resembles what they are used to and have seen in previous years,” said Loewy. “It’s going to be a beautiful graduation and I’m proud of the senior and what they have been able to overcome this year.”